I am a Senior Software Engineer, with experience in both mobile & web developments, having Backend and Systems Architecture as my core area of expertise. Along the past years, the projects I have been involved with used a wide gamma of technologies such as Java, Node, PHP, React, React Native, Amazon Web Services in between others. I had the chance to lead small to big Dev Teams, having acquire the needed skills to manage successful productive teams.

Work Experience

Work Experience

  • CTO & Co-founderGone

    Sep, 2013 - Apr, 20173 years 7 months

    Gone offers you the most value for electronics and gadgets you no longer use without the hassles of pricing, listing, or shipping. Main technologies used: Node, PHP, Docker, Titanium Appcelerator, Parse, React, React Native, Jenkins, Python, Django, NoSQL databases (AWS DynamoDB, MongoDB, Titan), MySQL, PostgreSQL, AWS (EC2, SQS, SNS, Lambda, ECS, RDS, CloudWatch, S3, Kinesis, OpsWorks, Redshift, Route 53, Elasticache, Cloudfront).

    • Integration with several third-parties systems

    • Mobile Development

    • System Architecture

    • DevOps

  • AlumniTechstars

    Aug, 2013 - Oct, 20132 months

    Gone (former ProductGram) was privileged to be selected as one of 10 teams to participate in Techstars Accelerator Class of 2013

    • Techstars is the world's leading startup accelerator, accepting fewer that 1% of applicants.

  • AlumniNXTP Labs

    Mar, 2013 - Jun, 20133 months

    ProductGram was selected to be part of the NXTP Labs Class of 2013.

  • CTO & Co-founderProductGram

    Mar, 2013 - Sep, 20136 months

    ProductGram is an app to help users to sell and buy items through social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). In charge of design, develop and deploy the system from scratch running on AWS. Developing and publishing the mobile app. Also, several integrations with several APIs like: Facebook, Twitter, Paypal and Etsy. Main technologies used: PHP, Titanium Appcelerator, MySQL, Stackmob, AWS (DynamoDB, SNS, SQS, EC2, S3, Opsworks).

    • Mobile Development

    • Web Development

    • System Architecture

    • DevOps

  • Technical LeadDevSpark

    Aug, 2011 - Mar, 20131 year 7 months

    Technical leader of the frontend team. Helped to build an internal management dashboard from scratch using ExtJS/Sencha for a video transcoding company. Main technologies used: Java, ExtJS/Sencha.

    • Web Development

  • DevOpsDevSpark

    Aug, 2011 - Dec, 20114 months

    In charge of deploying and setup distributed systems on AWS. Custom tools for ingestion workflows adding output validation at large scale. Main technologies used: Java, SQLite, PHP, AWS (EC2, SQS, RDS)

  • DevOpsPanvidea

    Jan, 2009 - Aug, 20112 years 7 months

    In charge of building deployment tools to deploy and integrate testing, staging and production environments on AWS. Setup of Jenkins (CI) and automatic deployments (CD). Custom ingestion and delivery workflows tools for several clients. Main technologies used: Java, Spring, Tomcat, AWS (EC2, SQS, SNS, S3, RDS), Rightscale, MySQL, Riak, Jenkins.

  • Software EngineerPanvidea

    Jan, 2008 - Aug, 20091 year 7 months

    Part of the core team in charge of design and architect the Panvidea's platform from scratch. Develop several distributed components using Java + Spring (REST API) running on AWS Cloud, involving high throughput file transfer and video transcoding. Main technologies used: Java, Spring, Tomcat, AWS (EC2, SQS, SNS, S3, RDS, SimpleDB), MySQL, Riak, FTP, SFTP, Aspera.

  • Web DeveloperDSNET

    Jan, 2004 - May, 20095 years 4 months

    Web development using several technologies like: PHP (own framework called Barakus, Symfony), MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript (Mootools, Prototype.js, jQuery)



  • Web Development
  • Backend
    Java (Spring)Node (Express, Hapi, Serverless)PHP (Symfony)
  • DevOps
    Amazon Web Services (AWS)AnsibleChefDocker + Docker ComposeBash
  • Mobile Development
    React NativeTitanium Appcelerator
  • Conversational Interfaces
    BotKitAmazon Lex
  • Misc
    OpenlayersWeb ScrapingAutomation, automation & automationSoccer
  • Databases


  • Software Engineering, , UNCPB

    Jan, 2001 - Jan, 2012



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  • #AWS

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  • #DistributedSystems